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From etyl la innocentia, from innocentem.


  • a UK /ˈɪnəsənsi/


  1. uncountable archaic Innocence; the state of being free from guilt or moral wrong.
  2. uncountable archaic Innocence from guilt, guiltlessness.
  3. uncountable archaic Innocence, simplicity, lack of deceipt or guile.
  4. uncountable archaic Innocence, harmlessness.
  5. An innocence; an innocent idea or thing.
    • 1902, William James, The Varieties of Religious Experience, Folio Society 2008, p. 69:
      It is to be hoped that we all have some friend [...] whose affinities are rather with flowers and birds and all enchanting innocencies than with dark human passions.


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